Bankruptcy & Debt Relief Offered in Ft. Lauderdale & South Florida

bankruptcy services ft lauderdale flCrushing personal debt, whether credit cards, loans or medical bills. Struggling to just try and pay something every month. Never enough money. You feel like you have no life and worse, it feels like you can’t provide things and vacations and the like for your family. And there’s no end in sight.

These are the kind of circumstances my typical, potential bankruptcy clients are in when they contact me.

Is there a kind of Lottery they could win?

Well, yes. There kind of is. What if I could orchestrate a 100% legal, solid, no maybes or negotiating, way that one could in just four months be free of debt, bills and payments. What if my bankruptcy services allowed an individual or couple to again feel like and be productive citizens, able to spend hard earned money on themselves and their dependents. What if I could do that and, along with making a living, my take-away is a truly grateful client, whose only regret usually is they didn’t do it sooner.

No one wants to file bankruptcy. It doesn’t feel good; it doesn’t feel moral. Neither does say, a medical operation. I had a hernia procedure last February. I’m glad I did because now i no longer have a hernia. It wasn’t a fun day - but the end result far outweighed the continuing discomfort that wasn’t going away and was only going to get worse.

In offering my bankruptcy services in Ft. Lauderdale and South Florida the saddest cases I see are good people who just struggle and struggle mightily for months or years to try and dig themselves out of a mountain of debt. Some try debt-consolidation agencies. But these companies are not regulated and sometimes promise a lot. If in the end, after they’ve been paid good money, sometimes a lot of money, they don’t deliver, what? Who ya gonna call? The police? Ghostbusters? And one may actually be paying off interest and penalties with these companies or by themselves, money they didn’t borrow or use but is now owed because of the fine-print on a long, long credit card contract.

Donald Trump says bankruptcy is a way of doing business and I agree with him in the sense that: Why not consider and maybe decide to take advantage of a law “to your benefit”, to quote Mr. Trump.

My bankruptcy services can be a life-line. With a bankruptcy, there is no negotiating or trying and trying month after month to keep up. And if something happens in a payback arrangement and you can no longer pay - well, good luck. A chapter 7 bankruptcy wipes the slate clean and gives my clients a fresh start. Kind of like winning the Lottery. Really, in the big picture, what’s not to like?

I offer a confidential, free phone or in-person consultation. If you have too much debt and no foreseeable way out, let’s talk. If nothing else you will have the benefit of my advice after 30+ years practicing law.

Sincerely, Ft. Lauderdale and South Florida Bankruptcy Attorney Steve Glerum