A Fort Lauderdale Bankruptcy Attorney Asks: Can You Really Afford Not To Have An Attorney?

bankruptcy services ft lauderdale flI once saw a bankruptcy trustee take the car keys from a debtor. She (the debtor) had filed her bankruptcy without an attorney. If she did get her car back in the end, it cost her much more than hiring a lawyer would have.

Bankruptcy law is complicated. The complexity invites problems. There are nuances in all aspects of case analyses, planning and preparation through filing, which affect asset exemption and retention. That is, keeping your property and just getting rid of debt.

Well, can’t I just dismiss my case and re-file? Not so easy. You must request a dismissal and appear before your judge at a hearing. All creditors are notified and may be heard, and one or more of the creditors may like you better in bankruptcy, especially if you’ve messed up good, or let’s be polite and just s
ay “misunderstood”, and claimed an asset as exempt when it’s not. The moment you filed the bankruptcy, all of your property instantly became your bankruptcy estate, owned by the assigned trustee, except lawfully and correctly exempted property. But you thought: “It said online …..”. Nope, sorry. By example, a personal injury award or large tax refund is not exempt. Do-overs are possible, yes; but a do-over is now going to cost double or more than hiring an attorney would have in the first place.

How about a paralegal service? One: paralegals are prohibited from giving legal advice, although often they undoubtedly do. Bad advice? You’re stuck. Two: You are still on your own, in that a paralegal cannot communicate on your behalf nor can they attend the creditors meeting with you. Three: A biggee - a lawyer can be had for just a few hundred dollars more than a paralegal! Lawyers, especially these days, are in business and want your business. Fees are very often negotiable.

I once heard that if you employ a swimming pool service to maintain your pool, all you should have to do is swim. As a Ft. Lauderdale bankruptcy attorney, that is exactly how I view my job in taking my clients through bankruptcy. I do all the heavy lifting. Clients are understandably stressed enough as it is. No one wants to file bankruptcy. I strive for a comfortable relationship with as much access to me for questions or concerns during my representation that is needed for their peace of mind. I’m a one-man show and if you call or email me, you will communicate directly with me.

You will glean from my website that I enjoy great satisfaction from helping people and solving their financial problems.

The point is that just like someone needs, nay, requires a doctor for a medical procedure, likewise a person needs a Ft. Lauderdale and South Florida bankruptcy attorney for the bankruptcy procedure.

One does themself a big and smart favor by engaging the expert, the professional, the lawyer, to represent you. It’s nice to sleep at night. Don’t risk being very sorry you didn’t hire the trained professional.

Overwhelmed by debt? I am a Ft. Lauderdale and South Florida bankruptcy attorney. And I can help. The consultation is free. The advice may be priceless.