Overwhelmed by Debt? The Bankruptcy Law Was Written – & Intended To – Give You a “Fresh Start”

In a 1934 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court wrote:  “Bankruptcy gives the honest but unfortunate debtor … a new opportunity in life and a clear field for future effort, unhampered by the pressure and discouragement of preexisting debt”.

For as long as there have been people, there have been creditors and debtors, and debtors who have been unable to pay their creditors.  But throughout history there has been very little in the way of organized bankruptcy proceedings to relieve overburdened debtors from being forced to repay debts, or I’ve even heard of a debtor’s prison.

As a bankruptcy attorney in South Florida, I help people who owe so much debt that, but for the lifeline that’s called bankruptcy, they would never get out from under it.

In most of my blogs I state a simple truism:  No one wants to file bankruptcy.  It’s also true no one wants to pay a traffic ticket, to pay taxes; to pay bills period.  But the sober facts of life dictate that some necessities must be taken care of.  Some circumstances must be handled.  Thankfully, when it comes to too much debt and no foreseeable way to pay, there is a way that can prevent financial destitution and just a ruined, no-life, for years to come.

Indeed, there is a way to wipe the slate clean and start over.  It’s a law written by the United States Congress, with the primary intent to allow one to become productive, to again support themselves and their dependents.

As a Ft. Lauderdale bankruptcy attorney, it gives me great satisfaction to take a client all the way from our initial consultation, where I can see the stress start to melt away within the first few minutes, through the four month process, and then by the conclusion of the case I often see a new person or perhaps rejuvenated married couple, now with minimal financial strain.  A new outlook on their vastly improved financial situation and the feeling of having and being able to live a life again.

The bankruptcy process is an orderly, supervised mechanism that is decidedly not adversarial, does not require you to enter a courtroom or to go before a judge, but certainly does includes my close, personal attention, advice and counsel.  I handle my own files and I’m right beside you from beginning to end.  And in the ‘best of both worlds’ story, you will likely keep all of your assets (homestead, autos, household goods, retirement accounts), as exempt.  The only thing you are rid of, the only thing you want to be rid of, is your debt.

As a Ft. Lauderdale bankruptcy attorney, I sort it all out for you and handle everything.

I cannot stress enough that this is perfectly legal, lawful; and it is not immoral.  It’s an economic decision that is based upon the realities of life and your absolute right to take advantage of the law, just as President Trump has taken advantage of, on more than one occasion.  “I used the laws of our country to my benefit”, to quote him in speaking of his bankruptcy filings in one of the debates.

Many years ago a friend said to me:  “You’re always going to have money problems”.  It seems financial issues exist in varying degrees for just about everyone.  It is when money problems become unmanageable, when you just can no longer keep juggling all the balls in the air anymore; when the harassing phone calls, nasty dunning letters, eventually lawsuits, seizures and garnishments happen that it should be comforting to know a legal remedy exists that is not just a little help, but is a pervasive and complete re-boot of your finances.  As a caring bankruptcy attorney practicing in Ft. Lauderdale as well as the tri-county South Florida area, I take your personal financial problems personally.  I can help you.  The consultation is free, the advice worth its weight in dollars and cents.  Why not at least consider what a shrewd businessman, now our President, found to be smart: use the laws of your country to your benefit.