The Upside of Bankruptcy; Or Rich Or Poor, It’s Nice to Have Money

ft lauderdale bankrupty attorneyMy Dad used to say that: “Rich or poor it’s nice to have money”. But for many good people juggling their finances, money that could be in their pocket goes instead to lots of minimum payments on many credit cards and/or medical bills. There is no budget to be made because there is no money left over to budget with. There is no control over the finances when there is nothing left to control.

No one wants to file bankruptcy. No one wants to live like a pauper either. But reality is life is long and sometimes emergencies happen, bad events occur, things go south, finances already in shambles get even worse. You struggle mightily, but the money pit just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

Hey, thank your lucky stars there is a relatively easy way to wipe the slate clean and get a fresh start. That is the upside to filing a bankruptcy if you are so far in debt, so far under water, that you will just never get out from under it.

Bankruptcy attorneys are not created equal. I pride myself and my professional reputation on taking care of my clients. I take your personal financial problems personally!

Consider that bankruptcy may well even empower you to take better control of your finances. I had a client recently tell me she gained much knowledge about money and smart decisions since she went through a bankruptcy. She is already looking to buy a house.

Bankruptcy is not forever. Not by a longshot. There is no law that states if you go bankrupt, that you cannot reestablish your credit, make money again, buy houses or cars in the future; become a millionaire if you can. Once the bankruptcy case is over, and the stress of money problems is gone, the bankruptcy does not follow you, other than on your credit report. But by making reaffirmed debt payment (house mortgage and car loans) you will quickly reestablish a high credit score. I’ve seen it happen again and again.

I don’t have any unhappy bankruptcy clients. I have not had anyone come back and say they regret they filed. I do have people express how glad they are they did file, and often that they wish they had filed sooner, because the money they struggled to pay creditors with before filing could have been money in their pocket.

As a Ft. Lauderdale bankruptcy attorney, I help people get a new life. I am a lifeline.

South Florida Bankruptcy Attorney Steve Glerum